Reproducible presentations

Reproducible presentations why and what tools? Reproducible reports, a single document contains both the code needed to create figures and tables as well as the written narrative that tells the story of the analysis (e.g., Jupyter notebooks and R Markdown reports), are gaining buy-in traction in the Data Science community due to fact that they allow for re-creation an analysis from beginning to end, and because they help make an analysis tranparent or auditable.

Food for thought on an effective strategy for writing

Food for thought as you approach your next writing project: Imagine you are painting your bedroom. How do you do this? Do you take the primer paint, and then paint one square foot, let it dry, then paint the first coat of that same square foot of wall, let it dry and then paint on the second coat of that same square foot and let it dry, then move onto the next square foot of wall and repeat the whole process?